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Omaha-Douglas County Public Alert

  • Ping 4 Alerts! Now in Omaha and Douglas County.
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Omaha-Douglas County Public Alert

Download the Ping4 app on your smartphone today!

There is a new way to be notified of community emergencies and natural disasters in Douglas County and elsewhere; just download the free Ping4 app on your smartphone.  The app is designed to notify you of severe weather, community emergencies and urgent public announcements from various departments within local government.  By downloading the Ping4 app you will be able to select specific locations to be monitored such as your workplace, home, or other locations so when a Ping4 alert is issued for that watched location, you will be notified on a need-to-know basis.  

All users of the Ping4 app who want to receive messages will need to have their GPS setting enabled on their smartphone and since personal information is not uploaded or registered with Ping4 when the app is downloaded, the user's identity remains anonymous.  It should be noted that if an attempt to download the Ping4 app is unsuccessful, the problem is often attributable to a cell phone capacity issue due to too many pictures and videos being currently stored on the phone.  Also, each time you update your cell phone operating system it is advised that you send a Ping4 test alert from your cell phone to your cell phone.  This is easy to do on your smartphone, just open your Ping4 app and click on "Settings."  On the Settings screen click on "Verify System Functionality" and a test alert will be sent to your phone.  If successful, you should receive a Ping4 notification shortly.  

Once you have received a Ping4 alert and the threat has expired, you may want to delete the expired alert on your smartphone.  To delete a Ping4 alert, just open the Ping4 app on your smartphone, click on "Alerts" and starting at the right edge of the alert, swipe with your finger from right to left then touch "Delete." 

Authorized senders of Ping4 notifications include the Douglas County Emergency Management Agency and all other public safety and public works departments as well as the Douglas County Health Department.  Please be advised that standard data rates from your cell phone carrier do apply.  Click on either icon below to learn more.


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