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On September 24, 2013 the County Board of Commissioners passed a Resolution for a "Premium Holiday" for your medical only premium for the month of June and ¬Ĺ the month of July (dental, vision & life will still be deducted). If you are currently enrolled in the United Healthcare medical PPO or the Consumer Driven Health Plan/Health Saving Account (HSA) you will not have a medical premium deduction for both pay periods in June ( June 6th & 20th) and the first pay period in July (July 3rd). Your medical premiums will resume again on the July 18, 2014 pay period and continue throughout the remained of the year.



2014 Medical, Dental, and Vision Premiums


    • 2014 Premium Rate Sheet for C3 Benefits Group:
    • IBEW Supervisors¬†
    • AFSCME 251
    • HDEA - Health Department
    • Teamsters CNA, LPN and RN
    • DCHC Security
    • EULA Register of Deeds, General Assistance, County Clerk, Corrections¬†Clerical (EULA)
    • Assessors, CDC, Microfilm, and Purchasing, Sheriff Civilian, 911 Communications, Treasurer, Tourism, Veterans Affairs (Local 571)
















    For Plan Summary information, please click  here!


    Exciting News!!  

    The County Board passed a Resolution on September 24, 2013 renewing the insurance plans for 2014.  They also voted to give employees and retirees a "Medical Premium Holiday" if covered under the County medical insurance with United Healthcare.  For the three consecutive pay periods that include June 13, June 27, and July 11, 2014, employees will not have a medical premium deduction.  For retirees under the County medical plan with United Health Care, medical premiums will not be collected for June and for one-half of July 2014.  Even with the approved increase in the medical plan for 2014, the relief of the "premium holiday" means that employees and retirees will be paying less for medical coverage in 2014!

    Please note that this premium holiday does not apply to those with ASI and Central States Insurance.  It affects United Health Care medical premiums only. Regular premium deductions for dental insurance, life insurance, FSA's, etc. will remain as scheduled.


    The provisions of this information are not intended and do not create an express or implied contract of employment or an offer of employment between the County and its employees nor any guarantee or promise that benefits referenced here are permanent or cannot be changed. While retirees and current employees are offered the opportunity to participate in a subsidized medical insurance program until age 65, the ability to participate as well as the premiums are not guaranteed in the future and are subject, at any time, to change by the County Board of Commissioners. If there is any conflict in the information state or otherwise communicated, the plan provisions prevail. Please contact Human Resources with any questions.