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 Douglas County Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC)


The Douglas County Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) is designed to serve as the focal point for comprehensive assessment and case management. The JAC Specialists assess the youth's risks and needs and provide the County Attorney with recommendations for services. All juveniles arrested or cited and released by law enforcement are scheduled for an appointment within a few weeks of the initial contact with law enforcement. By using earlier and more efficient prevention and intervention services at the front end of the system, the potential to impact lives of youth positively and divert them from the path of serious delinquency improves.


Key Components of Douglas County JAC:

  • Systematic intake and processing
  • Case files are opened on all juveniles
  • Standardized, objective instruments are administered
  • Assessment results drive the justice system's response to the juvenile
  • Collaboration with Community Service Providers to develop program capacity which gives the justice system a wide selection of options for juveniles
  • Emphasis is on matching the juvenile's needs with support/treatment/supervision, which diminishes the likelihood of re-offense
  • Philosophy is to intervene as early, effectively and often as possible to disrupt the juvenile's progress as a law violator  

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